Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finding Mojo - See it Say it Saturday - ZNE

It's See It Say It Saturday on the Zne Blogz and today's featured work is the lovely angel piece shown below by Diane Duda. The angel is so sweet, unpretentious and just beautiful. She is surely thinking about spring, and its impending arrival. ( Any day now, wouldn't you say.)
At the top of the page, is my response. I thought about doing a simple sketch, but that implied that I knew how to do that. (NOT) So I tried a doodle glam girl, who is surely an angel, she is wearing her heart so all can see, she appears to be trying to find mojo. Surely that means she is looking for spring.
The background piece is a half of a game board that I used the "peeling paint" technique with petroleum jelly and acrylic paint. You apply vaseline, then wipe some of it off, smear on some paint, and let it dry and wipe off the vaseline. You can learn all about this in Claudine Hellmuth's book, "Collage Discovery Workshop" One of the books from the ZNE Book of the month club

The Doodle Glam Girl idea came from Traci Bautista's book "Collage Unleashed".
So how do these relate? Well.....glam girl is looking for peace, too, aren't we all. She has some wild hair, and great eye lashes, and wants the world to know that she is full of love, peace and goodness. Plus she was kinda fun to draw. I'm enjoying these doodle glam girls, a lot! Check out the ZNE website.

Diane Duda

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