Thursday, March 27, 2008

Journal Pages - Parata Di Arte

I'm still working on this whole concept of art journal. On Parta Di Arte Flickr group, the theme for the week is art journal, I posted the page above for the "contest". I used masking technique and rubber stamps for the background. The stamp came from Stamp Francisco, I believe. They have very cool rubber stamps, lots of vintage images. The photo is of my mom and uncle taken in the 1930, in some Texas oil town. My grandfather was a migrant oil worker in Texas and Oklahoma. My grandmother wrote that she had been married 35 years and had lived in 35 different places. My mother said she went to 16 different schools while growing up. Anyway. I think some days were probably good for them, and others , not so good. It was the Depression. But both my mom and uncle ended their lives living with Alzheimers, and the lesson I learned watching my mother was this: Enjoy the precious Present. Today. She may not have remembered yesterday, but whatever presented itself today: she enjoyed!
Both of these journal pages are a part of an art journal I started during the ZNE Book Club. This photo shows the Oklahoma City Memorial. I took this photo in Janaury or February 2006. I did some altering tips with water, sandpaper and marker. The stamped image is from Inque Boutique, added for the joural page. While it is not a dove, it makes me think of the spirit of the men, women, and children who lost their lives that day in OKC. If you are in OKC, take the time to stop by and see this memorial.

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