Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zne's Parata Di Arte - Theme Week Winner

I am very honored to have had my Dogz Charm Necklace chosen for the 1st Place Award for The ZNE Theme Week on Zne's Parata Di Arte on Flickr. The Theme for last week ( week #7) was Charms or Dangly things. This is a piece I made during The ZNE Book Club when we worked out of "Pretty Little Things" by Sally Jean Alexander.

Soldering can be a dangerous be sure to read the instructions. I used assorted dog clip art to make the charm collages before soldering the glass. Be careful that the glass doesn't crack. I also soldered the scrabble tiles, and added some "rabies" dog tags, since I save everything I had a few, of assorted shapes, hanging around. ( We have 4 dogs.) The hardest part is soldering the jump rings. That is one of the things I need to practice. I think I have found a way to get that all to work out better, with some ideas from "Collage Lost and Found" by Giuseppina Cirincinoe, which will be the ZNE Book of the Month for March. It's not too later to sign up!

I am very honored to have been selected by the group. Check out the link and see the other entries. The artists are amazing!

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Peggi Meyer Graminski said...


Many many congratulations - this is amazingly beautiful! You are one talented lady!