Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plant a Seed, wait and see!

It is almost spring! About one more week. Of course, in the St. Louis area, spring could bring freezing rain and snow or 80 degrees and sunshine! We'll have to wait and see. This little 4 x 4 is made in honor of spring and to respond to Illustration Friday's challenge for March 7, Garden.It is simple, not a lot of embellishment. I hope to get out and do some plantings in the next month or so. It's hard to wait. We'll get a few days of beautiful 70 degree weather, the the bottom drops out of the weather and drops back into the 20s. It confuses the "tender vegetation" and me.

Spring always amazes me, you may not believe in God, but you've got to believe in Spring!

Happy New Beginnings and Gardening to all of you!


Ellen said...


KarinaCocq said... encanto ese toque esas ilustraciones hechas a mano...lindo


rebecca woodward said...

Oh, I really love this! She's so cute and anxious for spring...sorry about your weather over there...soon though, right?