Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today's See It Say It artwork on the ZNE BLOGZ site was created by ZNE Member aLaNi Pfeiffer. It is a beauiful page from an art journal. I always admire the work people can pull off in their art journals, and this is a beautiful example. First, I find them hard to keep up with, because I am afraid of making them ugly, but I know it's a place to practice your art. I have one that I have been working on and have actually filled several places. Usually I start about page 2, intimidated by page one, and go from there for a couple of pages, then get distracted and go on to something else. I do have sketch books I have filled with doodles and notes, but nothing as pretty an Alani's work. Now I guess I need to explain my response.

I wouldn't be so bold as to post a journal page, at least not yet. I was attracted to those olive looking things in the upper right corner, and it reminded me of a project I did for a design class that I took at Meramec Community College in St. Louis, MO. We were to make a design with a repetitive image and use color and have images overlap and the overlap look transluscent. I think that is what it would be called. The two colors as if the colors were "mixed" when over lapped. We used those art papers you get at art school ( you can tell I'm up on the lastest jargon. So you had to try to figure out what the two papers would look like mixed. I confess, I matched my papers up with my prismacolor pencils and then matched the closest paper to the two pencils blended. Whewww....did that make sense? The photo lighting is not the best. It certainly has an olive look to it. Not sure why I went that way. But I enjoyed the process and received great praise from the teacher. Which made me kinda proud.


cmmama10-Krissy said...

OH Donna, I love your idea to give my "Create Yourself" piece to my Aunt with the story. I'll have to do that as soon as my finds her new address. He LOST it!! She had to move into one of the nursing homes she used to be head administrator at.

TiffanyJane said...

Oooo very cool can see the other color where they over~lap, love it!

crazyladybugg said...

WOW! thanks so much for your observations and for using my journal page for your blog post!